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[17 Aug 2004|02:33pm]

la lala.



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[17 Aug 2004|02:30pm]

la lala.



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! [01 Jul 2004|01:48pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Okay i havent updated in awhile...but i guess i want to again so yah! My WeeK...>>

Sunday-Got back from saginaw! It was a blast! & there were some cute boys there:-) I got home at like 3:30..called Lauren & she came over & spent the night!

Monday-We hung out & went to target! I got a cute pink purse, make up, & a big bouncy ball!;-) After Target we got slurpees & went Laurens & i spent the night there! Okay this is so funny>>Me & Lauren ordered 4 large pizzas to her neighbors house! And we watched from behind this bush as the pizza man & her neighbor fought about the nighbor not ordering it! It was so funny. GOOD TIMES LAUR. Gotta do that 1 again.

Tuesday-Woke up @ Laurens. Then went to my house & tanned on my roof! I got so much tanner=-) woop woop..after like 5 hours lauren went home & then i went to my moms house to stay there.

Wed.-Woke up...called lauren...we hung out. We walked to save-on to get a camera & candy:-) Then we went back to laurens...on the way back we saw leah n jane and talked with them for awhiLe. Then we went to Laurens hung out & took pictures! Then i went home & went online..watched t.v n fell asleep. i was TIRED.

Thurs.-Got up...got ready for my day...went online & made plans w. ppl! Im going over to kelleys pickin her up, shes comin back here to hang!

Thats it! Leave commments for me!

<3 you-J i l l i a N

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Just got back from cortneys! [22 Jun 2004|03:02pm]
[ mood | bored..dazedd.. ]

Just Got bacK from Corts*...

So yah me n Cort just hung around her house...her 2 friends umm matt n ben came over for awhile. We all hung out then I left for like a hour... came back..then Alex & Chris walked over..we hung out for awhile & called annie and stuff. Then we wacthed t.v and went to sleep.
Aw annie+alex= cuttttteeee!

So today im not really gonna do nething. Just take a shower & maybe lay out in the sun..I have soccer practice tonight..After I mite hang out with Lauren =-)!

Okayy soo I was thinking like..theres always going to be a person that there's something about them. Something u'll always like want & love. Even if u dont like them..there just like some1 u think about. idk..annie u know what & who im talking about;-)..

thats all. call my cell-514.4708
pat love yah!

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[21 Jun 2004|11:59am]

hey! well this is gonna be quick one because im going to cortneys with kelley! aw i love them<3..anyways..

yesterdau i hung out w. laura & paige @ paiges..we went swimming in the pool & hot tub,watched kill-bill, went online, napped, and walked down-town & ate at that coney island..haha yumm! after that it was like 6..i came home took a shower..i was SUPPOST to go to corts but it didnt happen..oh well ill see her today!

-Im SO EXCITED for Saginaww!! A bunch of teams are going that i know! Omgoshhh kelley & christie it'll be so FUn! love u 2!

well thats all. xo-me

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mmmm hmm! [19 Jun 2004|06:09pm]
[ mood | in my bathing suit..COLD ]

Yesterday i went to Annies at like 3:30..then paige came over at like 4ish..we hung out & then got ready for teenight. Teenight was okay. Sorta boring tho...after I went to Ashleys w. Laura Becca Paige & Katie Zoook! Yes very fun. We like started to watch this movie..Romie & Michelles high-school reuin, (good movie) we saw the girls in the movie pigging out on candy'so we decided to  go to walgreens @ midnight & get a whole bunch a candy..we got like life savors.chewy & hard.eminems..skittles..& more stuff oh yah & bouncy balls! Haha so we just pigged out n jumped on the trampoline and plaed with the balls haha. Oh yah we also called this "love line connection" & talked to ppl..haha and tryed to play "light as a feather stiff as a board!"

Today we woke up, ate bagels n watched final destination2. Then Me,Paige Hamm,Becca,Ashley and Laura all went to Laura's HUGE house and swam in her NICE HOT INGROUND pool! It was so fun! Then we layed out in the sun for awhile! I think i got tanner?...i just got home now & im about to go to paiges w. laura! Yes be home alone! Pool HOT TUB baby! Talk to u there!


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ANNIES! [17 Jun 2004|05:14pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

Hey im @ Annies! Woop woop! I love her!!

So yah we just got back from walking to baskin robbins & save ons!...

Argh! I have soccer try-outs again tonight...after i dunno what im doin..?

 Teenight tommorrow~! Woop woop!


K thats all. Love yah Pat xo-Jillian<3


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FINALLY SUMMER!!!! [16 Jun 2004|01:25pm]
[ mood | hung over sorta..HAHA ]

I am sooo happy that its summer! =-)

1/2 day-Went to school..after we all walked to wendys me,nikki,brittany,annie got picked up & got dropped off at the palldium.. we saw cobi bryant in his limo haha & we got to talk to his personal trainer! it was so excitttting..! Then the guys showed up..shane,pat,donald,kyle...& laura lauren meagan n alexa went shopping while we went to the movies...we were GONNA see shrek 2..but we got kicked outta the movie theater(long story)So then the guys & annie brittany & nicki went to doanlds to swim & me,lauren,laura, & alexa got pedicures & manicures! I already had my nails done so i got a pedi.! FELT SO GOOD! After that we went to laurens got ready & went to meagans house to watch the game..pat came over. Lol...he was the only guy. But yah we went swimming in the nieghbors pool at like 10..haha it was soo funn! pat n meagan didnt go in tho. Me,laura, and lauren spent the night! Omgosh so when the pistons won we were all excited & meagans mom*shes awesome* took us down town to like scream and cheer and hang out of the windows of the car. It was so fun the music was like blasting in every car and people would run by and slap our hands and we like hell yah. one guy tried to kiss laura. haha so yah..every guy wanted to see boobs..and so i told lauren to pretend like she was gonna flash them and hten be like ugh nahh..haha it was so funny. This one guy got SOOO MAD. haha. good times! We all spent the night at meagans..it was so fun! love yah girls!
...My half day was GREAT. =-)

Soo yah i just got out of my nice coldd shower. felt good. going to go get ready...then goin for a run and soccer tryouts after! xoxo-jillian

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Heyy!! [14 Jun 2004|07:22pm]
[ mood | excited ]

My weekend/Monday/Plans for the week!!

Sat.-Kts party..after me n paige ran home 2 miles in teh dark by ourselfs! SCARY! I spent the night @ paiges! :-D!
Sun.-Got nails done w. paige, went to DQ, hung out, went home took shower etc.

Mon.-School..morning had awards..afternoon watched miricle the whole time n ate candy n pizza! YUM!

Tues.-SCHOOL IS OVERR!! 1/2 day! Mite go to the movies w. people & after get a pedicure w. Laura & Lauren!

Wed & Thurs.-Soccer tryouts!
Friday-Teen Night!

Im so excited for her..shes going to be soo surprised! haha tell u all later;-)

Thats it. Bye loves-Jillian<3

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AT PAIGES BABY! [12 Jun 2004|05:31pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

Hey! WEll im having a great weekend!

First of all 1.5 days ledt!..so..

Friday-Had a game...we lost 3-2..i had a pretty nice play tho w. ash! Paige & Ash scored!! =-) After i went to pick up Lauren..& found out she broke her elbbow:-(...we rented movies & then went to Paiges! Haha so we were home alone..we watched the CRAFT! Haha good..go rent it! ;-) toes-lol Paige

Saturday-We woke up & got ready...then we went to Somerset!! It was funn!..I got a bikini,2 skirts, n a shirt that says "Mrs. Kuetcher" haha! I ate at the pizza place n got a cookie! Paige got a cute skirt & shorts! BOOTY SHORTS!!

So right now were just hanging out..CALL US GUYS!! 542-4150! WE WANNA HANG OUT W. U! ;-):-*

lattter- Paige & Jill

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LAURENS OVER! [09 Jun 2004|03:52pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Hey! Yah so me & Lauren are hanging out! Today was okay...but it was so HOTT! Like i was dieing & everyone was like in a bad mood cuz of teh heaaaatttt. Today at lunch was sorta funny but yah.

 so i thin patrickk brennnann is mad at me.:-(

well were gonna go muah!


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Just go tback from laurass!! [07 Jun 2004|05:21pm]
[ mood | hot ]

Well today was good! LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL YO! :-D

I went to school today...um & after i went walked to Lauras w. Lauren..we hung out for awhile & then went to get ice cream w. her sister Julia & little brother James. Haha it was good:-D...then we went back to Laura's & hung out..haha we were all like hitting each other & stuff haha..yah we hung out by her pool..so warm! and niceee! inground!!

that is all..<3-me

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Cedar Point/Weekend [06 Jun 2004|10:25am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Cedar Point!!

-Got up, got ready, Paige picked me up & we went to school..
-The teachers  talked for awhile & then we finally got to go on the buses.
-The whole bus ride there every1 was all excited. On our bus was Me,Lauren,Ash,Paige,Claire,Pam,Scott & Ronnie, Greg M...I just talked the whole ride there & listened to music.
-When we got there we marched for 20 mins. then we got to go ride the rides & stuff!
-Me n lauren first went on the wicked twister and then the mantis.
-After that we ate. Went on power tower then met w. out group.
-After we met & stuff..Me Ash Lauren & Pam went on Millenium! Very fun=-)
-Then Me n Lauren waited in line for the dragster..we were talking to these seniors from New York hah they were cute..but yah it was funny becuz i said i had to pee then like when i said it they all had to  go & so did lauren lol. Dragter was rlly fun!!

-After that we met with our groups..we were 15 mintues late so we got yelled at & had a 'time out' for 35 mins.
-Then after out 'time out' we went on the other power tower,then magnum,then back to wicked twister, n raptor.
-After that we ran into paige n ash and us 4 went on demon drop and wicked twister again. Oh yah and me n laur went on the pirate ship HAHA!
-After we got candy for the bus and yah then we drove home..
-The ride waas sorta funny..becuz @ first i tried to sleep but it was too LOUD lol so me n scott played this gay game where he would play a ringtone & i had to guess it haha. Then after that i layed on the floor with a pillow and scotts sweater i belive and fell asleep..when i woke up i had gum all over my arm and on scotts sweater & it was SICK!
<>Cedar Point was so fun! Thanks to everyone who made it GREAT!<>

On Sat. we had a game @ 4, we won 1-0..After that i went to Alexas party..there were alotta people there. It was pretty fun:-) haha. Umm After that Me,Ash,Paige,Paige and Lauren all went to paige weathers & spent the night..we watched win a date with tad hamilton..so cute! PARTAY!

Now im home about to take a shower...xoxo-<3-me

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. . . . . [03 Jun 2004|03:22pm]

Omgosh today was full of drama. welp thats all i have to say about today. Oh yah and also i still do care.

okay well on the bright side...tommorrow is cedar point! im soo so sooo excited:-D

Also in about an hour i am going to somerset and walgreens! Im going to somerset for clothes of course! And walgreens for like candy and cameras and magazines and stuff for the bus ride to cedar point! well that is all!


Leave comments everyone!!

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yahwwwlk! argh!g? [02 Jun 2004|03:18pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Hellooo! Hmm okay well today was...idk a word to explain it would be 'annoying'....

to start off i got to school..and realized i had forgot my backpack..it sounds RETARTED I know..but i guess like sometimes i dont bring nething home cuz i have no homework..but i actually did birng it home and forgot...haha yah im just DUMB.

another 'annoying' thing would be girls who act different in front of guys? wtfff? it CONFUSESSSSSS me like whoa becuz..once the guy finds out what ur really like...they WONT LIKE U. wow u loseeeerss!

Another thingg..ha that list keeps on going....girls who say they are best friends w. each other..and like one of them...TALK about the other girl alllllll the time? and like okay these 2  girls always talk about there 'bff' they say 'ew yah shes so annoying we sorta dont like her.. wtf? that is so shallow and low. and peeople that do that. woww maybe its good were not that tight now..idk?..maybe u didnt talk about me like that..but still idk?-Kim u know who im talking about i think..lol arghh! ANNOYING!!

and last thing. people who PRETENNDD to be ur friend. hmm okay nottttttt COOOOOOOoolllllll!!!!!!

and just ugh..not the best day..well w.e lst day tommorrow untill CEDAR POINT! HAha and yes..im sleeping over paiges tommorrow! score! shes awesome and i <3 her tons n tons! :-D

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... [01 Jun 2004|05:05pm]
[ mood | ;-) ]

Today was a BORING day..nothing happend... Well yah i just went to school got home & ran like 1 1/2 mile run..it felt good..i didnt feel like running alot cuz soccer trainging  tonight & yah..!


Saturday-Alexas PARTTY! Haha like the WHOLE 7th grade is going to be there..wow i just love alexa its going to be so fun! :-)

Well thats all. <3'me

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@ LAURAS! [30 May 2004|11:39pm]
[ mood | high ]

At lauras! i <3 her!!

Today we just basically went to my house got dariy queen...came backto lauras..went out to eat to national and came back here and pat n kyle came over! partyyy! ahah yah but then kyle left and it was just me pat n laura..lol lol it was fun ;-);-) haha.

yah well were just hanging out! all nighter tonight! haha hell yah!

omg...so the last entry...i didnt exactly say the truth about some stuff...but i guess its better to not always tell the truth..its makes things easier.


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haha were so hyper! im about to wet myself! haha! [29 May 2004|11:42pm]
Haha so yah me n kim took this from kelly! lol sry kel hope yah dont mind!

haha kim..tim n adri..dancing lol! good times


+~RaNDom QuEStiONs~+

1) What's the craziest thing you've done for money?: uM...i dont even no lol..some1 asked me the other night to lift my skirt up for money but i didnt lol
2) are you prude?: nooooo lol
3) what's your middle name?: deane ahahaha
4) have you ever been in love?: no 7th grade ppl!
5) do you love yourself?: at times..?
6) do you have any regrets?: NO REGRETS IN LIFE DAWG!

::..Would you EvEr..::

1) take your own life?: it depends on teh situation..prolly not tho..
3) take a bullet for your friend or loved one?: YAH!
4) drink before 21?: yahh lol
5) do drugs?: NO!
6) run away?: prolly not no..
7) sneak out?:DRRR!!

*~...Have you EvEr...~*

1) smoked?: EW NO!
2) drank?: HAHA yupp
3) given a lap dance?: lol no not like for eal..haha as a joke tho..
4) cut yourself?: no
5) thought of suicide?: no
6) cried yourself to sleep?: yah:-( broke someone's heart?: yah i mite of, not sure tho.:-(

**dO yOu**

1) believe in yourself?:yah i usally do...
2) believe in god?:UMM YAH!! DUH!!!!!!
3) live life to the fullest?:DEF.!
4) have a secret?:yahh
5) believe in love at first sight?: Yup
6) keep your promises?:I usally do!
7) miss anyone?:yah

-*ARE U*-

1) sexy?: IDK? lol
2) loved?:I HOPE! lol
3) honest?:Yah most of the time!
4) in love?: no im only 13...but i like some1 alot! lol
) happy?: i guess
6) afraid to die?:veryy
7) a good friend?: yah well i try to be..i think i am tho:-)

-((thIs Or THaT))-

1) regular coke/ diet coke?:Regular..but i usally dont like pop!
2) pink/purple?: PINK! Its pretty!!
3) summer/winter?:SUMMMMER! SUN! SAND! SURFERS! haha...
4) happy and poor/rich and unhappy?:thats hard...? Haoppy and poor prolly...
5) sweet/sour?: sweet! :-*
6) vanilla/chocolate?:either idk.. or care lol
7) dead/alive?: hmm? alive probably..but being is a whole lot easier!

~*AgrEE or DiSAgRee*~

1) being sexy doesn't mean you have to have sex?: DEFINATLY! U dont gotta have 'sex' to be 'sexy'! DUH!
2) life is too short?: HELL YAH!! My life is going by so quick..
3) black and blue match?:EW NO!
4) confidence is the key to success?: YUP!
5) its o.k. to have sex before marriage?: Yah its up to the people and if they want to and are readyy
6) everything happens for a reason?:THATS LIKE MY LIFE QUOTE!
7) you're never alone?: yah...ur always being watched over..or soemthing? lol
<*< wHen wAs tHe lAsT tImE you>*>

1) cried?why?:...
2) talked on the phone?who?:my dad or kim like today i think lol?
3) ate?what was it?: chex mix dawgg!!
4) saw a movie in theaters?what was it?: Mean girls w. kim josh bryce n janice n kel!
5) danced?what song?: like 1 min. ago! me n kim hahaha LONG STORY!
6) said "i love you"?who?:Pat i think?
7) embarrassed yourself? how?: WEll some1 embarresed me the other night! gosh my skirt got pulled up!

later! -us
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At Kims! [29 May 2004|05:00pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

This is how my weekend has been going...

Thursday- After school i had a soccer game, we tied 2-2. After the game i went to Kelleys we rented Love dont cost a thing* and Win a Date w. Tad Hamilton* They were both pretty good...

Friday- Got home from Kelleys, Took a shower then called Kim! Then I went to Kims and we hung out and jumped on the trampoline. It was so fun we both like kept falling lol. Then we got ready for lindell and went. It was okay...but it was really cold. Yah and someone lifted up my skirt and ah everyone saw my butt! >:-O! After lindell me and kim just cam eback to her house and spent the night=-)

Saturday..Today-We woke up and got ready and went to 7-11 in our awesome hats.Haha. Then we came back went online and went on the tramp. Lol,...I launched kim so high she fell off the trampoline. Lol it was funny! Now we jsut got ready and were about to go see Shrek 2 with Terri!

Leave comments! Xoxo-Me.Kim. and soon to be Terri!<3

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Long Weekend. . ..woop woop! [27 May 2004|04:32pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Hey! Aww well im really exctied for the LONG weekend! I am going to have sooooo much fun, its CRAZY! :-D

So last night omgosh i didnt go to sleep till like 1..i kept thinking about everything, everyone,..man there was some stuff that i DIDNT want to think about..and people and things and words. idk. but then i thought of all the good there is..and it made me feel better. I hope everything gets better for everyone. :-/:-)

Today i had a pretty good day. The afternoon was probably the best...for activity day i did fingernail art & arts & crafts....so i thought finger nail art would be really DUMB but it really wasnt that bad. Nikki,Ash,n Lauren Led were in it with me! Haha all we did was like paint our nails and listen to the radio & talk. Haha it was fun i guess, my nails r PINK!
Arts & crafts well that was STRAIGHT UP FUNNY HAHA!! Me,Laura,Paige W.,Ash,& Nikki were all in it :-) Dr. Sara...wow she is literally like as dumb as a frog. It was great me n laura n paige were laughing at her. I cant even EXPLAIN how funny it was to like hear her talk and try to sound smart..haha.. So yah me n laura had a paint fight, she got my pants all like yellow..but got hers pink & her shirt a little bit yellow. haha suckkkker.

Well i have a game in like a hour..then Me n Kell n Pat n mayb Nikki & Kyle bonerr mite hang out! see u later! LEAVE COMMENTS!
xo-me 'love yah pat!

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